Specializing in herbal products made with pure ingredients, prayer and lots of love!

Angel Bilal-Tillman, LPN 

About Us

Angel Bilal-Tillman, LPN, discovered the wonders of aromatherapy and the power of herbs while working in a nursing home.  She began by using essential oils in warmers for the elderly to improve their environment.  The effect of simple aromas in the environment had such a positive influence on those in her care that she began to study aromatherapy and herbs.

Over many years, Angel honed her skills and developed several herbal products that are highly effective and sought after by many of her early customers—Joint and Arthritis Ointment, Blackseed Healing Ointment, Coldsore Ointment, Ear Tincture, Stress Tincture, and many essential oil aromatherapy blends such as Man Oil, Woman Oil and Vanilla Fields, to name a few.

Angel conducted many classes and taught many people her craft.  She was always willing to help people where she could, and provide support.  She taught the necessity of balance in life, taking responsibility for ones self, and the importance of living as a part of God’s creation.  Angel passed away and we pray that she has a beautiful place in paradise.  I am thankful that she taught me how to produce her products, and the recipes used today are hers. 

Each product is made in small batches, using the best ingredients available.  We work to continue her legacy, and pray that you will benefit from what she had to give.


6920 Greenvale Parkway, Hyattsville, MD | 301.452.6613

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